Dharshana Bajaj is not only a visual artist, but also a book editor and an author. Besides making paintings and drawings on the theme “Living in Harmony with Nature”, she has now written two books to convey her thoughts on this subject in words.

Gaia's Own: Every Child's Guide To Living In Harmony With Nature

“…whether there is really any impending threat or if the changes are all part of the natural process, I see this scenario as an invitation for all of us, yes, ordinary citizens like me and even children like you, to reestablish our lost connection with Nature. That, I believe, is the root cause of a lot of problems today.”

~ Grandpa Yogesh

Gaia’s Own: Every Child’s Guide To Living In Harmony With Nature shares concerns about the current environmental issues plaguing Earth in a casual, personal, and wholesome way. It also shares information on what is being done to alleviate these problems as well as fresh perspectives on what needs to be done further to completely course-correct and help maintain the balance in Nature conducive to a harmonious existence.

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“I am a worshipper of Nature as well. Because that is where I feel the most pious…amidst the beauty of Nature, than in any temple I’ve ever visited. I can feel your presence, dear Universe, every time I look at a beautiful flower, a butterfly, a sun set.. Plants and trees are the only scriptures I care to study. And the rustling of the winds through the leaves is the only song I truly long to hear endlessly.”

~ Mia

Gulmohar Dreams is Dharshana’s second book, and her first work of fiction. It captures the coming-of-age moments and the journey of self-discovery in the life of a young woman, and touches upon various facets of modern life, including the strife between the old and the new, and the heart and the mind. It catalogs her first attempts at living her soul purpose of being a writer, and bears witness to her unfolding concerns about environmental issues as she writes her very first book. To know more, please click here.

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