I Am That (Rhino)


Oil Painting On Canvas Board

12 x 12 Inches


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A contemporary original artwork by artist Dharshana Bajaj. This small format painting is based on the concept of living in harmony with nature. A rhino seems to merge with the flowers that surround it. The spheres indicate the atoms that form all things in this world, swirling and intermingling, truly making us all interconnected! With such awareness, a wild creature like a rhino also appears gentle, soft, at peace with the world, just like a flower. Like most of the art works in this series, here too science, philosophy, and art come together, creating a unique visual treat. This conceptual art aims to inspire the viewers to contemplate about their place in the world, especially their relationship with Nature. We usually look at Nature as a good backdrop, or a scenery, something that’s outside us. When we change this perspective, and see ourselves as a part of Nature, rather than apart from it, our choices are bound to reflect this new worldview. That is the hope of this artist, to give shape and reality to the ancient concept of Advaitha, or Oneness.

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Dimensions 12 × .25 × 12 in


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