I Am That (Cat)


I Am That (Cat)

12 x 16 Inches


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This conceptual artwork inspired by Nature, ancient Indian philosophy, and the artist’s own spiritual experiences depicts the concept of Oneness with all that exists. When humanity wakes up to this truth, and honors its bond with Nature, like this cat in this painting, Earth will be a healthier planet.

Because we are all That, Tat Tvam Asi… a part of Nature. This small format oil painting is from the series Living In Harmony With Nature, by Chennai-based Indian artist Dharshana Bajaj. This concept is also the premise of her new/first book, Gaia’s Own: Living In Harmony With Nature. Through her art and her writing, this artist hopes to inspire greater positive action from viewers with respect to their choices and their impact on the natural world that surrounds them. Like the Native Americans believed, “Man belongs to Earth, Earth does not belong to man”.



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