” I feel like a creature who is habituated to living in a dark cave, licking its own wounds, suddenly being met with an explosion of light. My world view, my reason for being, my goals, and my thoughts and actions, everything has changed, and I feel like a whole new person. And as I look at myself in the mirror these days, I’m met by an easy smile, a happy heart, a healed, whole, wonderfully delightful soul.”

Kamia Mirchandani
Gulmohar Dreams by Dharshana Bajaj

Gulmohar Dreams is a thought-provoking novel that explores the spiritual journey of a young writer as she moves through unexpected personal changes that compel her to redefine the meaning of her life. Set in an idyllic writer’s retreat, also called Gulmohar Dreams, over a period of a month, the protagonist, Kamia Mirchandani, explores in depth her fears, feelings, and failures, via a series of letters to the Universe, in the end to successfully transmute pain into power.

Written by contemporary Indian artist Dharshana Bajaj, Gulmohar Dreams is a novel set in contemporary times, dealing with contemporary realities but timeless truths. It captures the coming-of-age moments and the journey of self-discovery in the life of Kamia, or Mia as she is also called, and touches upon various facets of modern life, including the strife between the old and the new, and the heart and the mind.

Gulmohar Dreams is artist and book editor Dharshana Bajaj’s second book. This is the author’s first novel. Her earlier book was a non-fiction titled Gaia’s Own: Every Child’s Guide To Living In Harmony With Nature. To know more about Dharshana Bajaj, do visit https://atomic-temporary-206463931.wpcomstaging.com.

Here is what our readers have to say Gulmohar Dreams;

“A life changing book…not only touched my heart but also inspired me to take charge of my life!” Nikita Soni

“Lively, lyrical…the character development unfolds with the grace and beauty of a blooming flower,” Mitul

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