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Dharshana Bajaj Author of Gulmohar Dreams

Dharshana Bajaj has been working as a professional editor of books on a part-time basis since 2017. She has edited several academic books on a range of subjects such as STEM, Management, Social Sciences, and Environmental Science. An avid reader, Dharshana also loves to explore books of other genres, from works of fiction, to memoirs, historical dramas, philosophy, and spirituality. She has recently written, edited, and published two books, one a creative nonfiction for mature children on the environment, and the other a memoir-like work of fiction about one’s inner journey to reclaiming one’s lost self.

Taking a leap of faith and moving on from working with a reputed global publisher for the last 5+ years, Dharshana has now decided to offer her services as a freelance editor, as follows:

Proof Reading/Basic Editing (Level 1)

Line Editing/Copy Editing (Level 2)

Developmental Editing (Level 3)

Cleaning up a book to make it more readable and engaging feels like a sacred duty to this artist/editor/author. And she feels a sense of fulfillment in helping a book be worthy of readers’ attention forevermore. So, do email the first 10 pages of your book that you feel requires improvement, for a free sampling of the editorial skills you can expect to receive here and for an estimation of the level of editing that is called for.

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